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Ready to learn your Realtor personality type?

You're a Trusted Advisor - BFF Type.

Congratulations, your secret power is being the most coveted type of Realtor you can be! Trusted Advisors are the perfect balance of the “BFF Realtor” and the “Shark Realtor”.

You have the potential to reach epic success….if you haven’t already! Within the Trusted Advisor category, you fall on the BFF side of the spectrum.

Your Core Traits

Your Secret Power....

You are extremely professional and you have integrity, empathy and patience. You care about building relationships and doing what’s best for your clients. In return, they trust you implicitly. The more value you bring to the table, the more clients will come to depend and rely on you. Your secret power is that you create deeply rooted loyalty.

You Work Best With...

Lucky you! You work really well with both buyers and sellers, but will likely find more success with buyers. Unlike true BFFs who are better suited to buyers or Sharks who shine with sellers, you have the ability to adapt to the unique needs of both buyers and sellers.

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I’ve recorded an entire episode on my top-rated podcast for you, where I dive deep into your strengths and weaknesses and then I’ll give you 3 tips to reach your full potential! Click below wherever you like to listen to podcasts, to tune into the episode….

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if we haven't met, I'm Jen percival

I help realtors start, grow & scale businesses that they're proud of.

I’m the gal who’s going to help you transform your mindset, approach and strategies, so that you can start getting the results you deserve.

I’ve been in real estate since 2008 and made multi-millions, without ever using any old-school tactics…and I’ll show you exactly how I did it.

I am a certified Master NeuroCoach™, former Brokerage owner and come armed with a Psychology degree,  25 years in marketing and sales and I’m also the mother of 4 kids!

Yes you can do it all.

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