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Ready to learn your Realtor personality type?

You're a SHARK.

You are all business and nononsense. You tell it like it is and lots of people respect that. You are a great negotiator and are known for making deals happen. You take control of all situations and exude confidence in your decisions and recommendations

You Work Best With...

Sellers. To reach your full potential, focus on building your softer skills and getting to know people on a more personal level. Implementing a more soulful approach to selling will boost your success.

Soften your approach and shift it from getting to giving. You will grow your referral business if you can focus more on people and less on dealmaking.

A word of warning… can cross the line sometimes and that will eventually catch up to you and get you in trouble. Once your reputation is damaged, it is very difficult to repair and remember that bad reputations spread much faster than good ones.

To grow your buying business, focus on trying to develop more patience and empathy.

Although I do have a Podcast for Realtors, it is geared towards the 3 other realtor personality types, so likely not the right fit for you.