Real Estate Coaching for Women

Introducing ATTRACT™, the ultimate real estate roadmap to start, grow and scale your  business…without using old-school tactics.

The ATTRACT™ Method

An exclusive coaching program for women in real estate, looking for an alternative approach to build their business…one that doesn’t rely on old-school tactics like door knocking and cold calling.

The ATTRACT™ method focuses on attracting clients to you, rather than pursuing them.

Phase 1: Get The Right FOUNDATION

Phase 1 of Jennifer’s methodology involves retraining your brain using the NeuroCoaching™ methodolgy. We’ll tap into how your brain is wired so that you will get long-term transformation to finally start getting the results you deserve.

In Phase 1 we also tackle goal setting, habits, routines, time-management and work/life balance.

Phase 2: Take the Right APPROACH

Phase 2 teaches you how to approach people and sales in a way that feels authentic to who you are. You’ll master the 5 Laws of Soulful Selling and you’ll learn how to establish yourself as an authority figure.

We also cover how to be an effective influencer, decision making coach and negotiator.

Phase 3: Do the Right THINGS

In Phase 3, we get down to tactics! You’ll create a powerful personal brand, establish your niche, identify your ICA, build a custom real estate website and learn everything you need to know about networking and online marketing.

We also dive deep into the systems and processes you need to effectively run your business and lastly Jennifer will help you build custom presentations for Listings and Buyers using her high-converting template.

What is Covered in The ATTRACT™ Program?

Phase 1:


  • The NeuroCoaching™ Model
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs & Blocks
  • The Achievement Mindset
  • The Mind Matrix
  • Brain Priming
  • Defining your Superpower
  • Goal Setting
  • Habits
  • Routines
  • Time Management
  • Work/Life Balance

Phase 2:


  • The 5 Laws of Soulful Selling
  • Authenticity
  • Negotiating
  • Effective Influencing
  • Decision Making Coaching
  • Establishing Authority
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Networking

Phase 3:


  • Build a Personal Brand
  • Build a WordPress Real Estate Website
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • Google Advertising
  • SEO
  • Systems (CRM, Financial, Automated Communication Workflows, etc.)
  • Listing Presentations
  • Buyer Consult Presentations

What Coaching Options Are Available?

Photo of Jen smiling with a text that says "Hey there!"

Jennifer teaches agents the ATTRACT™ Method through various ways, with affordable options for everyone.

For those looking for a customized plan and direct, regular access to Jennifer, you can learn more about her one-on-one coaching here.

For those that cannot afford one-on-one coaching, Jennifer provides group coaching. You can find more details here.

Some courses are offered for individual purchase. You can find more information here.

You can learn from Jennifer through her free weekly Podcast and on Instagram and Facebook through her Morning Motivation Minute series.

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I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for Jennifer Percival and her continued support & mentorship. My first couple years in Real Estate were pretty rough & I questioned all my choices. After meeting Jennifer I realized not only was I doing everything wrong, I was thinking everything wrong too. The courses, advise & support changed my life. With every step forward I could truly feel how much Jennifer wanted me to succeed. I’m so grateful. Women Rocking Real Estate ROCKS!!!
Tyler Pope
Jennifer is the mentor everyone dreams to have and the one I didn’t expect to find! She’s not only passionate about helping women achieve their goals; she actively cultivates an environment that fosters the motivation and productivity necessary to achieve them. Her integrity and authenticity is inspirational. Her knowledge of progressive marketing is rare to find, especially in someone willing to share it. Joining Jennifer’s team was the best decision I’ve made for my real estate career!
Lara Stasiw
I can't say enough about Jen. As a mentor and coach, she is absolutely incredible. She is always there to teach and inspire others in the most authentic way. She leads by example, and is truly committed to helping others succeed. Always willing to listen and share experiences, she motivates us to become the best versions of ourselves as real estate professionals. I continue to learn and be inspired from Jen and can't thank her enough for absolutely everything!
Deanna Allegranza
I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Jen since the beginning of my real estate career. I’ve learnt so much from her and continue to do so on a daily basis. I can’t recommend her enough as a coach, and look forward to working together for many years to come.
Indre Valadka Paz
Jennifer has been a phenomenal mentor and coach to me over the past number of years. Her passion in supporting women in business is second to none. She continuously challenges and pushes me. Her honesty and integrity is inspirational. Her knowledge of marketing is exceptional. 5 starts all round!!
Leah Monerawela