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"With her help and guidance, I've more than doubled the amount of business I'd targeted in my first year as a solo agent."


"The Attract Accelerator program is a game-changer!"

Jen Percival has skillfully put together a playbook for success. Each step is broken down into manageable segments – which makes it easier to start taking those small steps forward that eventually yield big results!  The bonus – the additional technology needed to successfully accelerate is already vetted and taught in the program!  The only barrier to success is you – take action.


Jen has brought her creativity, humour and caring bluntness into an amazing coaching program.

Last year after nearly a decade of successful real estate under my belt already, I was feeling lost in how I wanted to grow my restructure my business. I was pretty grossed out by all the pre-packaged “hustle & hound” methods, like cold calling, door knocking or hounding people you know until they avoid you like you’re a greasy used car salesman.

If you’re like me and needed a change, or better yet are new to the game and want to develop an incredible business from the start, Jen is your girl.

"Get in Jen Percival’s Attract Accelorator program today and you will literally accelerate your business to the next level!"

A game changer has been the training called the Attract Accelerator. It’s a detailed plan to make clients find us versus us having to find them! Jennifer created a step by step program to give us the tools to repeat this process of attracting clients. I’ve been actively using the Attract Accelerator for 2 months now and have started getting clients requesting my help as a result of her system! It’s also helping me to gain more authority in my market because I’m being seen as an industry expert as a result of her teachings. If you are sick of the old school mentality of growing your real estate business only from calling people all day…..you need to stop waiting, do it now!


"After completing the program, I can honestly say that I was excited to begin making videos!"

“The Attract Accelerator program is a game changer!!! Not only is the strategy genius, but Jennifer breaks it down for you so much that there can be zero excuses for not implementing it into your business! The program is interactive and engaging –  I actually enjoyed taking the courses! After completing the program, I can honestly say that I was excited to begin making videos!”


“With her help and guidance, I’ve more than doubled the amount of business I’d targeted in my first year as a solo agent.”

— Shelby Brooks, realtor


“After this course, I realized not only was I doing everything wrong, I was thinking everything wrong too. It changed my life.”

— Tyler Pope, Realtor


“Jen has helped me understand how to create a success plan for the future of my business 5, 10 and 20 years down the road.”

— Daniela biagi, realtor