Reboot Your Business In 9 Key Areas

In this week's value-packed episode, Jennifer shares a new quiz to audit the health of your real estate business and identify gaps, so that you can start putting a strategic plan together for 2021!

Hello, hello, Jen Percival here. You’re listening to the women rocking real estate podcast and before we jump into today’s episode, I have to share a behind the scenes piece of info that came up last week when I was chatting with my upcoming guest on next week’s episode - which I’m so excited for. Anyway somehow the name of this podcast came up and I realized I’ve never told you listeners about it and it’s kind of funny.

So here goes…I am a firm believer in being a doer. Things don’t happen when you dream about them. They only become a reality when you do things. You have to take actual action to make them happen and often it has to be massive imperfect action. So many of us are so inclined to wait until something is just right or perfect, before we kind of put it out there and at the end of the day, we will end up producing way less and ultimately get way less results when we fall victim to that mentality.

So I force myself to take massive imperfect action all the time. I don’t get hung up on making it perfect and allow that to get in the way of just getting it done. And the Women Rocking Real Estate Podcast name is a perfect example. Let’s be honest, It’s just stupid. I actually hate it, but my logic was that I wanted something really literal. I wanted people to be able to instantly identify what it was about and who it was for. I started with just Women in Real Estate and when I was brainstorming and hating everything I knew that if I didn’t just pick something and put it out there, it would never get done. So I took massive very imperfect action and called it Women Rocking Real Estate. It’s terrible, I know, but now it kinda represents what I stand for. I will definitely change it at some point, but that’s not my priority right now and I’m not going to allocate creative energy around it, so women rocking real estate it is. I implore all of you to stop dreaming about stuff and just start doing it.

Ok onto today’s episode! It is October and that means the new year is just 3 months away….and I think for most of the world, we can all agree that 2020 can kiss our ass. I don’t know about you, but I will be happy to put it behind us and move on. For me, November has always been a planning month. That’s when I like to get cozy, sit down and put together a strategic plan around what I want to accomplish next year and how I’m going to prioritize it all. For this year, one of my plans had been to host an intimate retreat for women in real estate, where we would spend 2 days defining your vision, auditing our business and looking for areas of opportunity, setting goals and targets and putting a plan together of exactly how you’re going to achieve them in 2021. It would also have been a rejuvenating weekend with amazing food & beverages, massages, meditations, brain priming and hikes in the woods. I was also going to be launching my new Planner that I created specifically for real estate. It’s called Planned with Purpose, it’s gorgeous and it will keep you organized, productive, focused and with purpose.

Well unfortunately Covid put a wrench in those plans. So I’m going to have to adjust the plan, but I still plan to get anyone who is interested in my Planned with Purpose program all set to go in 2021 and for those of you interested in learning more about my real estate planner, you can find details on my website and get on the list to order one.

Well unfortunately Covid put a wrench in those plans. So I’m going to have to adjust the plan, but I still plan to get anyone who is interested in my Planned with Purpose program all set to go in 2021 and for those of you interested in learning more about my real estate planner, you can find details on my website and get on the list to order one. Now I need to be very clear that your results have nothing to do with how successful you are. This is strictly about how healthy your business is. You could have made a few hundred thousand dollars this year and still score low. It’s not about your results, it’s only about the back-end of your business. 

The 9 Key Areas

The 9 key areas we’re going to be looking at are your branding, lead generation, social media, google, your website, your marketing and advertising, your presentations and lastly your systems and processes. All the stuff that helps you get the results you’re looking for. 

So if you haven’t been doing as well as you’d like and you score low, it tells you that there’s still loads of things you can be doing to get better results. And if you have been doing well and score low, then my goodness, you can be doing even better. So I don’t want you to view a low score as something negative. I want you to reframe it and view it as something positive. It means there are lots of opportunities for you to implement in 2021 to start getting the results you deserve. 

 Ok so just to give you the 10,000 foot view of what I want you to do:

Step 1: is to take the quiz. Once you’ve completed it, you will give you what range you scored out of 100: You will either be in the range of 0 - 50, 51 - 80 or 81 -100. You can find a link to the quiz on my website for this episode at womenworkingrealestate.com/34.

Step 2: is to download the business audit checklist that goes along with the quiz and to use it to identify where all of your gaps are and to highlight them.

Step 3: is to use this information to prioritize your goals and to put your plan together for 2021. Again if you’re interested, I will have a real estate planner available for purchase, that is specifically designed to go along with this process. You can find details on my website and register to pre-order one, but there will be limited quantities available.

Alright that’s it, this was a quick episode, because you’ve got some work to to and I want you to just get doing. So go take that quiz, download the checklist and highlight the areas and things you may want to incorporate into your 2021 plan. I will see you next week, same time, same place and remember, the more you learn the more you’ll earn. Until next time!

xx Jen

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