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Getting your license was the easy part. Learning how to build a business, get clients, serve them and keep a balance in your life…not so much.

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Websites Made Simpler™

Throw out everything you think you know about websites. If you can follow a recipe in a cookbook, you can build a real estate website that YOU OWN.

Learn about EXp Realty

My goal is just to arm you with information, so that you’re better equipped to decide if this opportunity is the right Brokerage for you…or not.

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1:1 coaching

In this 6-month intensive, we’ll work side-by-side to audit and overhaul your entire real estate business.

Group coaching experience

Group coaching

When you purchase any of my courses, you’ll get the opportunity to join a group coaching experience.

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Website templates

All you have to do, is customize these templates with your branding, colours, images & content.

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Notion templates

Get all of the systems you need to start and grow and organize a real estate business that you’re proud of.


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Women Rocking Real Estate Podcast

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