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Group coaching experience

Want To Accelerate Your Results In This Program?

This is a one-time opportunity to join my Accelerator Coaching Program for just $29 per month. (regularly $99/month)

stop doing what you've always done

No more unfinished courses collecting dust on your digital shelf.

If you’re the type of person who buys courses enthusiastically ready to learn & implement with the best intentions…only to slowly lose steam & motivation and eventually give up entirely, this experience has been designed for you.

Jen Percival Real Estate Coach

Most people can't do it own their own.

Very few people can keep the self-discipline and motivation needed to learn something new and implement it consistently long term. The sooner we can all just accept this about ourselves, the sooner we can get out of our own way and start actually getting the results we desire.

It’s not your fault, it’s just how we’re wired.

It's time

Get the support, community & accountability you need, to finish what you started this time.

the experience

Here's What's Included When You Join

The Accelerator Group Coaching experience ensures that you’re not just learning strategies, but that you’re actually implementing them and doing it right.

Investment is:

$99 / Month

How it works

What's The Process?

The group coaching experience is a monthly membership. Stay as long as you like and cancel when you no longer need the added support.

1. Add Coaching

Take advantage of this one-time offer and add the coaching experience for just $29/month.

2. Check Your Email

To access the course you purchased, you must click the link in the email we sent.

3. Join the Portal

You’ll get immediate access to both your course materials & the Accelerator Coaching.

How it works


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Accelerator Group Coaching Experience? Got other questions?

It is a monthly membership that you can cancel anytime. Just make sure you cancel before your monthly renewal date.

The calls are bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 12pm EST.

Yes all coaching calls are recorded and available to view for 30 days.

Inside our exclusive portal, there is a link to submit each of the milestones you reach in each program. You can submit videos, images, PDF documents and text. Your work is reviewed and feedback is provided via a Loom video within 1 week.

No. You only need to purchase the coaching program once and you will continue to get access to the discount pricing of $29/month. If you cancel and want to sign up again later however, you will have to pay the regular price of $99/month.

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Ready to Accelerate your success, so that you can start getting the results you desire?