10 New Year's Resolutions Every Realtor Should Consider This Year

It’s a new year and that means a fresh start! If you want to slay your goals this year, in this episode I’m sharing 10 New Year's resolution ideas that every realtor should consider implementing in their business this year. Tune in for inspiration and actionable ideas on what you can shift in your business to set the stage for a prosperous year.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Why setting goals is useless, unless you have a step by step plan for what you’re going to do DIFFERENTLY to achieve them.
  • The biggest roadblocks getting in your way of reaching your goals.
  • How one simple shift in your focus, could transform your business this year.
  • Why creating one new habit will change how you grow your business and your bank account.

Well hello and happy new year. I hope that everyone listening had an amazing holiday with loved ones and that you were able to slow down and take some time to appreciate everyone and everything you have in your life. It’s a brand new year and a fresh start so today’s episode is all about 10 New Year’s Resolutions every agent should consider making this year. I’m not suggesting that you implement them all, but as I go through them I want you to think about which ones speak to you the most where you think ‘oh she’s talking to me about that one.’ So pick up to 3, prioritize them in order and then I’d love for you to send me a DM on Instagram and let me know which ones you’re going to focus on this year.

RESOLUTION #1 - Plan With Purpose

Alright New Year’s resolution option one may seem obvious and while I’m going to guess that many of you listening have set a goal for this year, but have you got a plan with purpose for exactly what it’s going to take, for you to reach those goals? What will you need to implement in your business and in your life, to support reaching that goal? For example, setting a goal to make $100,000 this year has absolutely no value if you don’t know exactly what you’re going to have to do differently this year, than you did last year to get there. The key word I said there was differently. If you made no money in real estate last year and you want to make a hundred k this year, well you’re going to have to do A LOT of things differently this year to achieve that. Do you know exactly what those things are and in what order? If you want to double your income from last year, what will you have to do differently this year?

The hard truth is that It will not just miraculously happen because you put it out there to the universe. The universe doesn’t work that way. If it did EVERYONE would be loaded. This is what drives me nuts about all the Manifesting stuff that gets preached. Results don’t happen because you miraculously manifested them. Results happen because you took actions that manifested the results. You may not be aware of that because the actions were micro steps or maybe you haven’t connect the dots that those actions are what manifested the results, but they did. It’s not that I don’t believe in manifesting things. I do a vision board every year and I look at it every day and every year more and more things come to fruition. Maybe not in the exact calendar year, but eventually. But it’s not the act of creating the vision board that manifested those results, it’s the subconscious and constant reminders of what I want to achieve, that propels me forward to keep taking small actions every single day. I guarantee you if I sat on my ass and did nothing but manifest all day and night, that NONE of it would come true. So new years resolution 1 is to stop dreaming and start doing and to start doing, you need to have a plan with a purpose for what needs to be done.

RESOLUTION #2 - Master Your Minutes

Once you’ve got a plan in place, resolution number 2 is to master your minutes and structure your life to ensure you can invest the time that is needed to implement your plan. If you want to make $100k a year, but you’ve only actually got 10 hours a week available to grow your business, well those two things just don’t align. Probably the biggest roadblock that I see getting in the way of most agents reaching their goals, is time management. Anything that you decide to implement in your business is going to take an investment of your time and it requires the same planning and budgeting you would do with money. You can’t start anything new this year, without understanding how much time it’s going to take out of your day or without having a plan for how you’re going to make time for it, because last I checked you can’t buy more hours in a day. You also need to have a plan for contingencies - when things go wrong and something else comes up that needs your time, how are you going to manage that? Lastly, you’re likely going to need to make some compromises, what are you going to say no to, so that you can say yes to to all of these new things in your plans? When we try to just squeeze more things in, without taking stuff out - that’s how we go into time debt. Getting better at managing your time, starts with treating your time like the finite currency that it is. It’s not like money, you can’t go make more of it. You’ve only got 24 hours in a day and you need to decide and plan for how you’re going to spend it. That’s the foundational mindset that you need to start with to overhaul your relationship with time. Now if all of this sounds easier said than done, I actually recorded a 2-part series all about my strategy for time management. It also comes with a free tool to help you better understand your current time commiments. I’ll link to those episodes in the show notes.

RESOLUTION #3 - Systematize Your Success

Alright now that you’ve got a reasonable plan in place and you know you can invest the time required to implement that plan, resolution #3 is to get your business organized so that you can systematize your success. Nothing wastes more time, than a disorganized business. Actually, scrolling mindlessly through social media wastes more time, but disorganization is definitely the runner up. When you’ve got proper systems and processes for managing all of your business and personal to-do’s, you free your mind up to be infinitely more productive with the time that you do have. Having a clear mind and a clean space allows you to think and act with purpose, clarity and direction. In this business, you need to know what to do and when to do it, without having to think about it and they only way to do that is through the use of systems. I personally use 2 different types of systems - paper and digital. In my opinion, either one on its own isn’t sufficient or efficient. I use paper when I need to plan something out that requires using the creative, thinking part of my brain, but relying on paper alone to manage a business is not sufficient or efficient. That’s where digital tools come into play. If you do not have a digital tool that you are consistently using in your business to manage your tasks, your contacts, your transactions and your projects, then you are simply not running your business effectively. Not only will a digital system help you stay organized and out of trouble, but it will dramatically impact the amount of time you have available to get things done. If you want to use the systems that I use, I have created templates for Realtors to organize and manage every aspect of your business. You can purchase the templates separately or they are included for free in my Foundations of Success program.

RESOLUTION #4 - Pick A Priority

Alright once you’ve got your business organized, the next thing that comes and screws everything up is shiny object syndrome. So resolution number 4 is to just focus on one thing at a time this year and pick a priority. Every time we get distracted by shiny objects, it derails our focus and we end up task switching and going in circles accomplishing nothing. If you want to actually make progress, reach your goals and get transformation in your business, you need to be disciplined and just….Focus on one thing at a time. Keep your head down and keep blinders on and do not allow yourself to get distracted by the shiny objects all around us. There will always be other things that you’re going to want to implement or try in your business, and some of them might be great ideas, and that’s why you need to have a digital place to store all those shiny objects. Anytime an idea strikes me, it goes into my app, and not into my plans. Now that you’ve made a plan of what you’re going to need to do differently this year. Prioritize each of those projects in order and then just focus on one project at a time until it’s complete and implemented in your business. Once again, using systems for managing these projects is going to keep you focused and on track. I’ve got these projects set up a specific way inside the systems I use to specifically combat shiny object system, because it is the killer of productivity. Also remember that getting distracted is also just our brains way of keeping us exactly where we are.

RESOLUTION #5 - Hone in on Your Hub

Alright up next, resolution idea #5 is to hone back in on your hub this year. What do I mean by that? The path of least resistance when growing a real estate business is going to be through people who already know, like and trust you. This is your sphere of influence, your hub. Real estate requires building relationships with people, but always remember that your relationships are your biggest assets, so don’t ruin them by taking the advice of anyone who tells you that you need to be calling your people everyday to ask them if they’re thinking of buying or selling real estate or know anyone who is. That will repel relationships, it not attract them. You do however need to stay in touch with people, so that you can continue to build and deepen relationships with them and this is where agents run into problems. They don’t connect with people enough and the biggest reason is that they don’t have a system in place to do it. To be consistent with this critical best practice, you must have a system that ensures you are prioritizing nurturing your people and that you’re doing it so consistently, that it becomes a habit and part of your daily routine. You’ll often hear this referred to as touch points and I’m fine with that lingo, as long as you remember to always lead with value when you’re connecting people and that you’re always looking to give something, instead of getting something. How you nurture relationships will be different depending on who they are. Some of them may be nurtured by simply commenting, liking and sharing their content on social media, some of them will be through phone calls, texts and emails and for others it will be through seeing them in person. Some regularly and some occasionally. Again, not with the intention of ever trying to get business from them, but just to stay in touch, connect and add value to their lives in anyway you can. But the only way you’ll remember to do this consistently, with everyone you should be staying connected to, is by using a digital system that reminds you when and who you need to be connecting with each day.

RESOLUTION #6 - Grow Who You Know

So if the fastest and easiest way to build a real estate business is through honing in on your hub, well then it just makes logical sense that resolution #6 should be to grow who you know. The size of your network will equal the size of your net worth, so you should make growing who you know a huge priority this year. My rule of thumb was always to add a new person to your database every single day. That can be REALLY hard to do if you aren’t intentional about meeting new people and it’s almost impossible to stay consistent with it, if you don’t track it. To help you with this, I recommend you create a task that repeats daily that says ‘add new person to database’ and don’t delete that task until you’ve actually added the person. In the beginning this practice will start to clutter your to do list, but soon it will act as a glaring reminder that you are NOT growing who you know when you’ve got a growing list of uncompleted identical tasks staring at you every morning. Trust me, you’ll be tempted to just delete them all to clear your to-do list, but don’t do that. Let them pile up until the habit of meeting new people every single day becomes so ingrained in who you are and how you go about your day.

Now meeting new people will come more naturally to some than to others, but don’t use being shy or being an introvert as an excuse not to do it. Last I checked selling real estate requires clients. Clients are people. If you want more clients, you need more people, so get over it and learn how to get out of your comfort zone. I’ve talked about this before on the podcast….all you need to do is practice 3 things: learn how to initiate conversations, learn how to ask questions and then show them that you’re genuinely interested in their answers. It’s literally that simple. Do that every day, every where you go and before you know it the size of your database will grow exponentially. Now you might be wondering what information do you need in order to add someone to your database. Just a description. Woman who owns organic butcher on the corner. The next time you go in there, give complements on the food and ask advice about best way to cook something. In your conversations, you’ll know when it’s appropriate to ask what her name is. Continue to connect with her when you shop there and then after you’ve got a bit of a relationship, search the business up on social media and start following them, liking, commenting and sharing their content. Boom, you’ve got full blown new contact in your database. The key thing to remember is that your database is a working document. You do not need to have all of somebody’s information before you can add them. You build it over time. But by adding a new person to your database everyday and tracking that you did it and then setting up automations to ensure you’re staying connected, will trigger a new habit that will completely change how you interact with the world….and your growing back account will be a side effect.

RESOLUTION #7 - Fix Your Funnel

Alright moving along to resolution #7. I often get asked what’s the best way to tell people I know or meet that I’m a real estate agent without sounding salesy? And the best way is just don’t because you will sound salesy. However when you’ve got a proper marketing funnel established in your real estate business, you should never have to tell anyone that you’re a realtor anyway. They will already know, because they will see your content and it will do the selling for you and that is resolution #7 is to fix your funnel so that it attracts, nurtures and converts clients for you. As a refresher, let’s quickly re-visit how you’re going to get clients in this business. The marketing funnel I like to use starts with Awareness, Consideration, Conversion and Loyalty. Most funnels you’ll see miss this loyalty piece at the bottom, but let’s start at the top. You will never be able to convert buyers and sellers into clients if they don’t know you exist, so the first step in any marketing funnel is building awareness. When done properly, a content marketing strategy will automatically build this required awareness for you. But do not make the mistake that about 80% of agents are making and that is thinking social media content alone is enough. It’s not. For a content marketing strategy to work, it must start on search based platforms like YouTube and Google where they’d find your website. That content can then be repurposed on social media. It also must be content that people are searching for and care about and it also must be evergreen content. Meaning you create it once and it keeps getting found for years to come. The beauty of using a content marketing strategy as that the content itself demonstrates your local authority, your expertise, your trust and the value you provide. Everything I teach in the Attract program is designed to address both the the awareness and the consideration steps of a marketing funnel. But having people aware of you is not enough to get them to convert and take the next step with you. This is where you’ve got to implement the rest of your marketing funnel to convert those lookey-loos into email subscribers. We do this through high converting copy on your website, with opt-ins and lead magnets and then nurture them with email marketing and drip campaigns and kick ass sales presentations. I teach all of that inside my Convert program. So if you don’t have an automated marketing funnel working for you to attract, nurture and convert leads into loyal clients, this should be one of your resolutions this year.

RESOLUTION #8 - Learn Loyalty Lessons

An important word I used there was turning leads into LOYAL clients and that is Resolution #8. If you’ve found yourself loosing past clients to other realtors or you’re not getting referrals from them, it’s time to dissect your business from beginning to end and look for some Loyalty Lessons. What do you need to start, stop or continue doing, that is going to serve clients better and increase their amount of loyalty to you? Where are there opportunities for you to improve your service offering, your approach or your process? Are you making mistakes, are you forgetting things, are your clients getting frustrated about stuff? When clients are happy, you KNOW it. They are usually quite communicative and let you know they’re thrilled with the process. When clients are unhappy, you also usually know it as well. They may be forthright about their displeasure or they may let you know through more subtle, passive-aggressive ways. Either way, if you’re picking up those signs, don’t ignore them. It’s obviously time to course correct stat. But be careful with those neutral clients in between. The ones that haven’t expressed things either way and you’re not exactly sure where they stand. My rule for those situations, if they don’t seem happy, they’re not as happy as they could be. For all of the scenarios however, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Instead of spending time trying to fix situations, focus on preventing them from happening in the first place. Make it a priority this year to overhaul your entire business and look for all of the loyalty lessons you could implement to ensure you never lose a client again and that they all scream from the mountain tops how amazing you are.

RESOLUTION #9 - Scale UP to Scale Down

Alright this next resolution is for those of you in the back who’ve been at this real estate thing for awhile and have done well. You don’t struggle to get business, you’re struggling with getting to enjoy the life you’ve been working so hard to build. In fact you probably aren’t handling the business you’ve got the most efficient way you could….but you don’t have the time to figure out how to do it differently. So you just keep taking on more and more and your relationships and your health and your evenings and weekends and vacations suffer the consequences. Sound familiar? Well the resolution idea I offer you is to get off the merry go round for good this year and scale your business UP so that you can scale your time DOWN. Because you know that you can earn the same (or more) income this year and work half the time? I did it myself, so I know it can be done. But it requires a massive business renovation and we know how painful big renovations can be, especially when you have to live in the house while they’re happening. This is no different, but on the other side of that pain is a newly constructed business where you can stop working so hard and start enjoying life more. So if you’re burning the candle at both ends and want help, I’ve got a few spots available in a brand new 1:1 program.
In this 6-month intensive, you and I will work side-by-side to completely audit and overhaul your entire real estate business (and your life). Together, we’ll find ways to to leverage people, systems & processes, so that you can automate, delegate and eliminate everything you don’t love doing and get back to living your life more. If you’ve ever wanted a business consultant to fix what’s not working and find new ways for you to do things that make your business and life easier, this is your chance. You can fill out an application to work one on one with me and we’ll book a discovery call to see if it’s the right solution for your situation. You can find a link in the show notes.

RESOLUTION #10 - Get Out of Your Own Way

Alright the last but probably most important resolution that most of could benefit from is learning how to get out of our own way. If you find yourself getting stuck in endless patterns of distraction, procrastination, perfectionism, avoidance, overworking, making excuses, not following through, overwhelm, taking on too much, having no boundaries, being taken advantage of, saying yes to things you should have said no to, guilt, shame, stress and pretty much anything and everything else that does not serve you, it’s time to get to the root of your belief system that is keeping you stuck. Repeating the same patterns of behaviour and expecting a different result, is the very definition of insanity. So maybe this year’s biggest resolution should be to do the work and get off the struggle bus. This is a topic that I am so passionate about because I have seen the impenetrable roadblock that it creates in people’s lives over and over and over again and I just want to help people breakthrough that roadblock and so this year, I will be hosting intensive workshops and in-person retreats where you will learn a step by step blueprint to breakthrough any Blocks, Beliefs or Behaviours that keep you stuck in patterns that don’t serve you and allow you to unleash from self sabotage and unlock the life and business you desire. If you’re interested in learning more about these workshops and retreats, you can click the link in the show notes to join the waitlist.

Alright there you have it folks, 10 new year’s resolutions to choose from to focus on this year in your business. What’s it gonna be for you? If you had to pick and prioritize 3 in your business this year, which ones do you choose?

Plan with Purpose
Master Your Minutes
Systematize Your Success
Pick A Priority
Hone In On Your Hub
Grow who you know
Fix Your Funnel
Learn Loyalty Lessons
Scale up to scale down
Get out of your own way

Like I said earlier, I’d love to hear from you so please send me a DM on Instagram with your 3 New Year’s Resolutions for this year. I’ll be sharing your responses in my stories so check them out and make sure you’re following me at women rocking real estate.

Happy new year and I’ll be here throughout this year to help you make it your best one yet. Make sure you subscribe to the show so that you don’t miss any episodes and I’d be so grateful if you left me a 5 star rating and review.

Until next time.

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